Digital Publishing Platform

Published On: May 28 2013 10:13:31 AM CDT   Updated On: Nov 11 2013 04:50:19 PM CST

Own the big story and engage your audience through ibPublish, the future of digital publishing

The IB Digital Publishing Platform is a flexible and scalable SaaS-based digital publishing platform that enables both large and small media companies to own their local news stories and connect with their audience through strong editing and publishing capabilities.

Key features of the IB Digital Publishing Platform:

  • Publishers can easily publish content to the web, mobile sites and apps, social media sites and push alerts in a single process – “Push to Everywhere.”
  • Intelligent publishing dynamically delivers the right content to your viewers, reducing newsroom workload.
  • Ability to easily manage and maintain the viewing experience across platforms and devices.
  • Content sharing across properties to enable sharing within or between media groups.
  • Next-generation SaaS-based architecture provides reliability at scale while minimizing total cost of ownership (TCO), and freeing our clients from day-to-day operations and troubleshooting of their digital platform.

The IB Digital Publishing Platform is the only media-specific, next-generation, SaaS-based platform that allows you to deliver a superior user experience regardless of how your audience wants to interacts with you.

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