The Innovating Pioneer

Founded in 1996, Internet Broadcasting is the knowledgeable provider of innovative technology that lets broadcasting companies manage and monetize their high-value content assets – to embrace true freedom of content. During the past 16 years, we have forged an enviable track record that draws on our heritage in local-television news. We understand the pressures and parameters of gathering and telling stories because we’ve worked in newsrooms and, in fact, operate a newsroom of our own on behalf of our clients.

Building on our unique understanding, we’ve responded with innovative solutions for creating and publishing content and advertising programs that make it easier for publishers and advertisers to reach engaged local audiences in relevant environments.

Internet Broadcasting’s premier technology partners include tight relationships with CoreMedia, Kaltura, DoubleClick, and Akamai. We also have a high-value distribution partnership with CNN. Key clients who we have teamed with include Hearst Television, McGraw-Hill Broadcasting, and Post-Newsweek.

Internet Broadcasting is committed to ensuring clients build audiences, drive revenue, increase efficiencies — and leading in their markets. Our proven monetization strategies offer media companies the tools and services they need to successfully build high-volume local-media brands. Through Internet Broadcasting, our clients have been able to connect to valuable consumer audiences who view more pages on the site, spend more time on the site and generate more revenue.