Freedom to build and monetize your digital business at the speed of the audience

Our vision is for our clients to win

We envision our clients transforming their broadcast media businesses into digital brands powered by compelling, dynamic, frequently updated news, information and entertainment content. We envision our clients creating deeply personal connections with their audience by way of websites, mobile devices, social media and special-purpose applications. We envision our clients as revenue generating machines - capturing new audience, creating sustainable new revenue and growing new business every day.

Our vision is to be the premier platform and digital agency solutions partner for digital publishers that powers their business growth at the speed of the consumer audience. We will accomplish this by offering products and services that form highly integrated, yet modular, solutions that are easy to use, reliable and affordable – deployed in the cloud.

Our innovations enabling the freedom to publish

Our vision is to build on Internet Broadcasting's leadership legacy. Since 1996, we’ve pioneered innovative technology and services for the broadcast media industry and we will continue to invest in the future with one single-minded purpose – enabling freedom to publish without constraints.

Our vision is to continue to operate as a business with integrity and quality, that performs at the highest service levels, innovates with market-leading products, meets its financial commitments, delivers superior client service, and serves as an employer of choice for its people.

IB - Powering local digital media's business growth